Today I feel AMAZING!!

I did the Liver Flush Saturday night/Sunday. I was surprised at how much anger came up – I tend not to feel angry – ever!!!

But yesterday – hello anger, hurt & resentment, hello swear words, pain, grief & feelings of abandonment & neglect.

I journalled, almost scribbled the words I got so rageful, then beat a pillow until it felt like I’d had an amazing workout.

& behind that….Enthusiasm, motivation, joy, excitement for the future, passion for life, ENERGY!!!

All the good feelings I’d been missing since the beginning of the year when my body shut down & went into Adrenal Fatigue.

Today, Monday, I feel full of energy & excited by life!

I had an afternoon of clients & an evening yoga class, I shared an impromptu Sound Bowl Meditation for the Root Chakra on Facebook Live 🧘🏻‍♀️ & I’m still full of beans!! I’m so excited for next weekend’s flush to see just how good I can feel.

I’m clearly a ‘Health Geek’ cos I actually enjoyed the Pink Grapefruit with Olive Oil Mix 🤣 I feel like me again.

Thank You Skylar Acamesis!

Earlier in the year during meditation, I was taken on a journey inside my body & shown my Liver & Gallbladder. I have been doing various detox & cleansing diets one after the other since June in the hope I’d get better.

I’m so Grateful to finally be here!! 🥳🥳🥳

I feel myself again. 🙏🏻✨

From my Heart to Yours with Love Nx


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