Trust With Theta Healing and Brene Brown

True trust is not passive. It’s not just trusting when it comes to joining a group, it’s not keeping quiet or staying in a marriage or position because it’s safer. It’s a vibration that requires us to be vulnerable, get honest, feel uncomfortable and learn how to be compassionate with people without forgetting who we are.  We want to true trust, but it takes tremendous courage to knowingly practice in hard moments.

Really committing to our dreams in this life and showing up for the opportunities that the universe offers requires one skill above all others; trust.  To be the lights that we are capable of being for this planet, to make the difference we were all born to make in this world, to leave a legacy and make the world a better place, we much learn how to trust ourselves and trust others.

Beyond our betrayal lies our capacity to forgive. Forgiveness is looking at the person or situation with a generosity of spirit, with a focus on the innocence of everyone involved instead of the guilt or blame. Charles Feltman describes trust as “choosing to risk making something you value vulnerable to another person’s actions.” 

Brene Brown, one of my favorite authors, discovered that in order to be able to trust using the word BRAVING as a checklist so that you can know who to trust when to trust and how much to trust. Check out her book HERE.

Boundaries – you respect my boundaries and when you are not clear about what is good or not good you ask.

Reliability – you say what you mean and do what you say.

Accountability – You own your mistakes apologize and make amends.

Vault – You don’t share information or experience that are not yours to share ( you don’t gossip) and my confidences are safe with you.

Integrity – You choose courage over comfort, and you do whats right over whats fast fun or easy.

Non-judgmental – I can ask for what I need, and you can ask for what you need, we can talk about how we feel without attacking/judging each other.

Generosity: You extend the most generous interpretation possible to the words intentions and actions of others.

There is nothing more important for manifestation and fulfilling your divine life purpose than self-trust. Fear will lead you astray and superiority, entitlement, and contempt are even more dangerous. You can also use BRAVING checklist for knowing where or not you are practicing self-trust in both your personal and business life.

This is vital information for knowing if you can trust yourself or others in particular situations, and for holding yourself accountable in life. But what if your inability to trust is in your DNA, or your ancestor’s energy, or past lives? What if you have never been trusted or have never trusted another human being. That’s where Theta Healing comes in. Theta Healing works to resolve blocks on all four levels of belief.

Theta Healing Works be removing bottom beliefs and emotions on all four levels. Trust is a big word, like worthiness it has very general applications, so it may take a few Theta Healing Sessions to get you going solid with this one, but it will also save you a couple of hundred lifetimes. Trust both of the self and others is essential for mastering the virtues of ultimate truth, grace, faith, and love. There can be no love without trust. There can be no safety without trust. So if you are struggling with trust and want support heal these issues, click HERE to book your theta healing session.

Sometimes even when we hear the voice of creator beconning us home, we hesitate. Even when we ache to trust our loved ones we cannot. Sometimes we use our distrust of ourselves and others as motivation to be successful, get our freedom and to avoid facing upspoken and un- resolved feelings we may have about the reality of the living world. About about the sacred mystery that creates this reality.

Our ability to trust is linked so much to our success, happiness and capacity for love. It wasn’t until I worked with entreprenuers and speaks that it came to my attention how much of their unhappiness and stuckness was caused by a lack of trust in themselves, the universe, in others and in creator.

This Extends to:

Being able to take actions and make choices: this is one of the deep core, very structural problems central to success and relationships, that people really do not trust their own choices and actions, what they want and need from a decision and action and how to persevere if things don’t go right striaght away, because they are simply too afraid that they have made the wrong action, are on the wrong path, have made the wrong choice.

Being able to stand up for yourself: an absolutley essential “skill” be it at work, hiring and firing employees, applying for a project or promotion, hiring a marketing team or whether you are simply at the supper market, making sure your kids are recieveing the education you deserve at school and making sure your toddler or teenager feel safe by setting strong boundaries. The popularity and need for assertivness training comes as a result of not being able to trust yourself and needing the apporval of others, agression or withdrawl to come to the rescue.

Being able to express yourself finacially and creatively:  or perhaps being able to express yourself at all. I am deeply saddened by how many people intelligent, gifted,  wise and filled rich knowings and learnings can’t even look at their bank account, mail a public news group never mind make cohesive finacial decisions or attempt to express themselves with art, music, public speaaking. Brene Brown writes in her book Braving the Wilderness, that 75% of the people she interviewed reported having a creativity scar so big at school that it affected their ability to express themselves for the rest of their lives.

To be able to express who you are and make yourself a priority in your life: this deep and basic fear of rejection is often routed in lack of self-trust. Lack of self trust goes so deep that it affects our choices about what cloths we should wear, what profession, what body, how much money one needs, whether or not to get married, have children etc.

When this failure to trust oneself backs up deeply enough and for long enough, a person may not even be abe to tell themselves, others or even know what they what or what happened in diffrent situations. This lack of trust in themselves or others becomes so habitual that they confuse it with their identity.

I really haven’t met anyone who would not derve lots of benefits from asking the question such as;

” What would happen if I really trusted myself ( in my work, my actions, my relationships)?”

…because this must unearth deep, basic fears which distort our energy systems and do wide ranging harm over a great number of topics and areas, impacting just about everything in our lives. Learning to trust can can give us the amazing range to become fully awakened and evolved human beings. This is why the belief work and feeling work is essential in moving ourselves to a higher awareness when we are ready.

Beliefs to test/dig/clear

  • when others are angry, sad, judgmental I have to trust them
  • Trust is dangerous
  • Trust is abuse
  • I trust everyone no
  • I can trust no
  • I am at fault for the untrustworthy behavior of others
  • I’m not trust worthy
  • I’m not responsbile
  • I have to be submissive in order to be trusted
  • I have to be dominant in order to get trusted
  • I have to trust based on others feelings thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions and actions.
  • I can only trust myself
  • I will be left, out isolated, resticted, hurt if I trust others
  • Denial is safer than trust

Creators Teachings on Trust

  • I have the definition of trust from the seventh plane through creator of all that is.
  • I know what trust is and what it feels like through creator of all that is in very cell of my body
  • I know who to trust, when to trust, what to trust, who not to trust and how much to trust through creator of that is.
  • I know how to and when to express my trust in relationships at work, in family, with myself and others in the highest and best way.
  • I know when, how and that I am allowed to stop trusting someone when I am relationship with them financially, emotionally spiritually physically without feeling upset, angry, guilty or afraid.
  • I know that love, forgivness and integrity protect me when I am safe.
  • I know what it feels like to be trusted by others, to be trust worthy and to enjoy feeling trust worthy.
  • I know how to be honest about my strengths and weaknesses.
  • I know how to express my thoughts and truths whilst trusting myself and others.
  • I know how to feel good about trusting others
  • I know when trust is directed through creator of all that is, and when my own prejudice is blocking trust


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