We get these results because we clear the beliefs

She was waiting for him. She had always wanted to have children. But now she was in love. Her clock was a ticking but he had her between a rock and a hard place. That special place between her love of her soulmate and her desire to have children.

Leaving felt so wrong but staying wasn’t working either.

😭What if she never found someone who wanted to have kids and this was the best she could get?

😭What if he changed his mind in 6 months and it was too late.

😭What if she ended up committed to someone who wanted children more than they loved her?

Truth Bomb 💣 if on any level including the subconscious one you have the beliefs that

💥 The man chooses you

💥 The man owns my body

💥 You have to wait to be married before you can have children

💥 the man decides when you can have children and is in charge of the marriage

💥 You are afraid of having children

💥 You are afraid of becoming your mother or father

Then you will either find this type of dynamic familiar or you will find it manifesting in your life.

I we changed these beliefs, healed her ancestral and line and


She got her baby,
On her schedule
And she kept her soulmate and he got on board
AND in less than 2 weeks
The stick turned POSITIVE

Isn’t it your turn?

We get these results because we clear the beliefs and tap into the Mother Matrix (TM)

I am so excited every morning I wake up to more ladies making the decision to commit to their baby breakthroughs and I couldn’t be more delighted!

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