We have important work to do

I have worked with many people, using my Medical Intuition to successfully heal a multitude of conditions: headaches, back pain, anxiety, heart problems, hair loss, infertility, weight issues, digestive disorders, and asthma, to name just a few.

Working with people who are vulnerable has a way of giving you a God complex. That’s why so many doctors have one. So many sick people have victim consciousness, and they project their light onto you saying that ‘you saved them.’ If you haven’t healed your self-sacrifice vow you can go the other way, spending all your free time helping people who have no desire to get better if it involves doing anything other than taking a pill or having a surgery.  There is incredible power in weakness, and not all sick people are good people. Just because someone is suffering doesn’t mean they aren’t getting a kick out of punishing someone else or controlling their whole family with their disease. Just because someone is sick, it doesn’t mean they are entitled to your time and attention.

Nobody has a monopoly on worthiness. You are not here to help the ‘worst off people in humanity’ you are here to awaken souls, to work with your chosen people. Those who are ready to heal, who will show up 100% for their health journey, who are truly invested in learning to love their body and healing their wounded self.

Don’t let someone waste your time just because they are sick. You have lives to save with thousands of people who are ready to heal.

I get a lot of messages in my groups and emails begging me for help. With pictures of hospital rooms and injuries and surgeries.  

This is the last week that the doors are open for the Medical Intuitive Mastermind.  It won’t be open again for another six months and this is the ONLY time I am running it at this low price. So if you are feeling called to Be a Medical Intuitive, drop me a PM to see if you are a good fit.

We have important work to do.

Lots of Love


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