We have the power to heal ourselves from ANYTHING.

We have the power to heal ourselves from ANYTHING.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it is that answers can’t be found outside of ourselves. We have the power to heal ourselves from ANYTHING.

But first you have to let go of HOW you expected your body to heal. Actually listen to yourself and what you need.

Course in Miracles Calls it “The Journey without Distance Between the Mind and The Heart”.

Disease is often an initiation into self-love, self-care and self-trust.  You ARE the powerful healer you have been waiting for. And it all starts with decisions.

Disease can lead to decision fatigue. There is so much to decide.  

Who do you tell?
What do you do now?
How are you going to break the news?
Or is the news breaking you?
What treatment plan do you choose?
Who do you believe?  
How are you going to juggle this and your relationship?

There are so many decisions to make, and so many options to choose so it’s easy to go into overwhelm and just pretend it’s not happening. Just do what the system tells you to do and hope it works.

So what’s a girls to do?
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a medical intuitive on your team that’s also a nutritionist and a fierce ally?
Wouldn’t be it incredible to have someone who will have your back and support your decisions and free will no matter what with no agenda other than loving you back to health?
What if it could save you 1 year of suffering?
What if it could save you from 20 years of pain?
What kind of a positive impact would that have on your family? Your career? Your love life?

Choose YOU.

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