We kill our good vibes before starting. And that’s where we are wrong.

I have to cook two meals too. I’m working towards showing my girls that my food is also delicious. It’s not easy, but I’m working on it.”

Most of the women I know don’t just cook for themselves, they cook for their loved ones and they want to be popular. And when it comes to the diet people-pleasing can be deadly.

Whenever we think of going on a diet, eating healthy food, and staying off junk food, we think we are punishing ourselves. We believe this path to weight loss will be challenging and full of healthy yet tasteless food.  

But the price of junk food is losing those we love before their time, and having those we love suffer with physical pain and health conditions that are completely reversible if we just change our diet.

We kill our good vibes before starting. And that’s where we are wrong.

And indirectly, our family also discourages our diet. Especially if you are a mom that prepares unhealthy food for everyone and then cooks a healthy dinner for yourself, your kids and family will pick up on your negative attitude towards your own food. After all you are only eating it because you feel bad about being fat and because you are on a diet.

👉 They will not like food that you are saying is an act of punishing yourself because you feel ugly or unhealthy.

In other words, you are teaching them that healthy food tastes bad and is only for when you are sick or want to change your appearance. That the opposite of self-love and acceptance and your family know it.

And that’s the narrative that you need to change. If you send the message

👉 What I am eating is delicious and healthy and YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS and I love this!

They will get on board or at the very least get out of your way. After all, if you say “I don’t like banana ice cream” nobody says you are depriving yourself. They simply accept your preference.

Put your loving energy in your food. Make an effort.  YOU HAVE A CHOICE AND YOU ARE CHOOSING HEALTH.


Once you radiate that positivity, your family will want a bit, too. And it won’t be long before everyone starts eating the most delicious healthy food. Maintaining a positive attitude is key to healthy weight release.

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Love, Sky.

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