A Woman’s Path to Spiritual Weight Release

This container is a sacred right of passage to physical embodiment. A journey to wholeness, health and truly loving your exquisite body exactly as it is.

A Woman’s Path to Spiritual Weight Release

This container is a sacred right of passage to physical embodiment. A journey to wholeness, health and truly loving your exquisite body exactly as it is.

Transforming Your Relationship with Food Starts with Transforming Your Relationship with Yourself.

The Power of Medical Intuition and Energy Healing will empower you to break negative eating habits and keep the beautiful body you create.

It is not your fault that diets don’t work.

The reason you can’t lose weight by going on a diet is because you have specific traumas and subconscious energy blocks that are causing your body to feel safe only when the weight is on!

I call this the Self Neglect Wound ™

These energy wounds actually set your body weight – and no matter how hard you try, these subconscious blocks will sabotage your success.

My incredible 3-month online container is designed to break the cycle of self-neglect and heal your self-neglect wound ™ so that you can move forward permanently.

Are you ready to?

Learn how your energy subconsciously holds fear and shame of weight loss

Break past your blocks and achieve your weight release goals.

Be part of a powerful spiritual community of loving women healing themselves and their bodies together.

Give your heart the power to break the cycle of shame, dieting and, overeating.

Release Exercise Trauma and Imposter Syndrome

Get your questions about your body and energy answered by your own medical intuitive and master healer every week?

How Are We Different?

There is nothing our there anything like this, with healing, nutrition and medical intuition united to create a powerful weight healing.

Weekly Energy Clearings and Q&A

Relieving hunger pains and cravings by healing trauma.

Bringing a spiritual principle to weight loss.

Breaking out of Diets and into Blessings

Why Follow the Spiritual Path?

The real you is your spiritual self rather than your physical self. The heavy energy existed first within your consciousness, was then expressed in your emotional eating, and then manifested as excess weight on your body.

There are 9 factors that contribute to this:

  • Trauma and stress
  • Stress hormones
  • Sex hormones
  • Liver function
  • Thyroid function
  • Gut bacteria
  • Insulin
  • Nervous system
  • Sleep

All of these are indirectly deeply linked to your mind. Through the 3-Month program, you will regain control over your mind and take the journey to health with your heart.

Benefits of the Program

End Emotional Eating

What makes us overeat are feelings: I deserve it, it makes me feel better, I must have it. Food doesn’t create feelings and dients don’t stop them. We have to change the feelings rather than the diet and this is exactly what you will learn to do.

Learn to Love Your Body & Yourself

Your divine weight is an inside job, and you can’t create a healthy body with self-hatred. It can only be achieved with self love.

A Powerful Vortex

Together we heal, together we rise. We are much more powerful together. And one of the biggest factors in both creating and sustaining success is a loving community.

Break Through Toxic Beliefs

You will go through a revolutionary healing process to gain control of your beliefs and break out toxic situations.

Nourish YourSelf and Your Body

You will benefit from pre-planned meals, body scans and Live QA’s to help your body get the right type of nutrition for your unique body.

You will Learn How to Manifest your Divine Body

You will learn to create a body for yourself that you love and become confident in your own skin.

What the program offers

Meal Plans with Vegan, Keto, Juicing and Fasting


Weekly Q&A

1 x Guided Subconscious Blocks to Weight Loss Therapy Recording

1 x Perfect Weight Re-imprinting recording to get you back to your strong, sassy self in a vortex of unconditional love in no time.

Recipe Book

Pre-recorded 33 Videos


Thank you, Skylar, for a wonderful course. You have been a brilliant teacher with so much knowledge and wisdom!!
I am going to go home with more strength, balance and groundedness knowing that everything is possible even more now! 6am is for meditation and exercise. And building my new healing business and everything I will create is like a golden road ahead of me full of love, light & Joy & Action!
Lots of Love & Light
Thank you!!!
- Pauline
I love working with Skylar. She is a very advanced healer, full of compassion, and knows how to get the job done. She is the person that other healers go to for help because she gets results – and fast. If you’re ready to change your life for the better, don’t hesitate to book sessions with her. I have been blown away by her work
- Jay Diamond
Life changing once again. I have been working on domestic abuse issues with Theta and have released the belief “I have to be murdered to start my life again”.
So much trauma, engrams released yesterday, so I feel my PTSD is completed and left my body. I have learnt so much from this course of Manifesting and Abundance! I know now how to move forward and let go of the past and step back into my power. “I can now move mountains with mustard seeds” quote from Sky. I am going home with pain and suffering removed from my body. Going forward, I am going to get my first client and be able to get a home.
Thank you Sky for making this possible.
- Roxanne
After some years of being on the healing journey, it feels almost surreal to me to get to the bottom of my deepest, most hidden subconscious patterns/beliefs and experience such a dramatic shift in such short time. You are a miracle, thank you and thanks to my higher self for letting me experience this sort of healing.
Blessings. Much love.
- Pinar Gundogdu
This course helped me to have new insights on my dark side + beliefs I had not yet uncovered. Skylar held space for us all + is a dedicated master healer providing profound teachings. She has taught me that action is power and motivated me to up-level my healing within as well as up-levelling in all areas of my life. To dedicate more time to looking after myself through exercise and wellbeing. The most crucial thing I learnt was that I can have it all, by the commands + digging work Theta provides I can now begin my journey to action this
Thank you
- Gabriella Weeks
Wow! I am ready. Ready to receive all the abundance, love and blessings. I step into my Spiritual Inheritance, all thanks to this transformative two days working with Sky on Manifesting and Abundance.
The future looks positive, my mission is manageable. I have cleared what has had me stuck. Feeling so unbelievably grateful to Sky and Bourgeon and all that you do.
- Gabriella Weeks






10th of January

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