Break the cycle of emotional eating

One day you wake up and decide this is the time I am going to follow a proper diet, I am going to lose weight, and I am not going to give up. But no matter how vigilant you are, there is a voice inside of you that’s blocking your path. You might think this voice resonates with your anger, guilt, or failure. Everyone perceives it differently and gets deterred from their path to self-care.

That’s where I come in.

My Weight Loss from Within, a 3-month container course, will help you break the cycle of emotional eating and get to the root cause of why your body and mind are denying you joy, happiness, and nutrition.

Being a Master Healer, Health Coach, Medical Intuitive, and Nutritionist, I am well aware of the feelings and the habits that stop you from releasing weight and ending emotional eating.

Join my hands in this journey, and I will help you combat the demons inside and lead you to a healthier life. Only a few days are left to join our 3-month container, starting on 19th January, and learn to cut the emotional ties and subconscious blocks that stop you from loving yourself.

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