What is Theta Healing?

Since 1995 Theta Healing, Created by Vianna Stibul, has taken the International Healing Communities by storm. Please see www.thetahealing.com for more original information.

Now hundreds of thousands of people are using its unique power to relive and release anger, sadness, anxiety – sadly, rapidly and permanently – leaving them refreshed, recharged, balanced and happy.

“ One of the most powerful energy-healing techniques, ThetaHealing® is a process of meditation that we believe creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brainwave. While in a pure Theta state of mind, we are able to connect to the Creator of All That Is through focused prayer.

It is through the Creator of All That Is that we learned how to create physical healing, progress spiritually, and find a path to enlightenment. ThetaHealing® was born and proved its validation to Vianna Stibul through what she believes to be the spontaneous healing of her leg from Bone Cancer.” www.thetahealing.com for the rest of the description.

Theta Healing is a philosophy, not a religion and is accepting and loving towards all religions and can be used by people of all religions to heal themselves and others and create a closer loving connection to the Divine.

Theta Healing practitioners is not a substitute for medical treatment and is accepting and loving of the medical professions, treatments, and doctors. It can be used by doctors, nurses and patients alongside the medical and drug choices that the patient makes. It can also be done as a distance healing as long as the patient gives permission.

What to expect during a Theta Healing Session:

1) The practitioner will ask your permission to do a healing on you and download you with unconditional love.
2) The practitioner will connect with the energy of the creator/source and ask for an energy scan of your truth and physical body
3) Based on the information in the scan the practitioner will guide you to your bottom belief or the ‘root of the issue’ (This may be from childhood, genetics, environment/culture or other lifetimes)
4) The Practitioner will witness as a higher power releases the root issue and ask your permission to replace the negative beliefs with positive beliefs and feelings. The practitioner may also ask your permission to allow the creator to teach you virtues, complete life lessons and teach you feelings ..you may never have experienced happiness for example.

This is a Video of my Master and Teacher Anna Kitney performing a Theta Healing Session on Financial Difficulties:

Lots of Love

Sky Acamesis

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