When my clients get told there is no hope, I find it for them

Your biological age has nothing to do with your chronological age. There are people in their 70’s with bodies younger than people in their 30s.
I used to love to paint. Watercolors and acrylics were my kryptonite.

I would spend hours pouring my heart into a canvas and sometimes work through my lunch and dinner breaks on my projects. I thought my soul was taking me in pictures.

Now I know I was right.

I was 14 and searching for who I really was. I remember asking the wind for help figuring out who I really was.

I was getting a lot of pressure from my teachers to choose a career path. I was gifted in many areas and they all fought for my attention.  All I could get when I sat with myself was that I wanted to help people and that it wasn’t therapy.

So I asked the wind to show me who I was.

I got into class, set up my canvas and spent the next 3 1/2 hours of double art painting a lighthouse. The image came to me of the light in the storm. I didn’t understand what it meant at the time. But I kept the painting. I still have it in my living room.  

I was going to be the light in the storms of people’s lives. My job was to bring them home, to be their harbour until they were strong enough to set out to sea again.

That’s what I do. I spend my time destroying some of the most powerful illusions in the human empire. The illusions of disease. When my clients get told there is no hope, I find it for them. When they are afraid they will never get better I believe in them. When they don’t know who to trust, I guide them. I teach them to lean on their divine light until they are strong enough to head back out to the seas of human life or the ocean of eternal life. I am their safe place. I am their harbour.


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