When we use food as a distraction

I’m a massive foodie. 😋

I LOVE food. It has to taste good or it’s not for me…BUT!

It’s a pleasure in and of itself. It is not an exchange for the pleasure of intimacy, of sex, or the release of years old anger.

When we use food as a distraction, we don’t satisfy our emotional hunger and need for expression.

It’s a double-bind that is an endless loop that makes you feel and actually be, heavier. And because you’re not satisfying the real need you are constantly stuck in a low frequency. 😨

The good news is that once you’ve found the root cause everything changes fast.⚡

Facing your truth feels scary, but the reality of remaining unhappy is truly terrifying.

If your feeling this PM me or click on the link below and join our free End Emotional Eating Masterclass.


Sky 🧡

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