When you dream big, there’s ALWAYS skin the game

Way TOO serious!

I get seriously, stupidly, fiercely passionate about my mission to help 100,000,000 women get healthy. And awaken and train 800,000 of the most powerful medical intuitive in the world with my Medical Intuitive Mastermind (TM)

It’s great for productivity. It SUCKS for manifestation and trusting the process of life. 🙃  You need unconditional trust in yourself and in life. When you dream big, there’s ALWAYS skin the game.

That’s when I have to make a conscious effort to shift from body identification to spirit identification. I am so much more than my purpose, my body and my life is a miracle RIGHT NOW. This mission is a Delicious game I am playing.

This shift from deeply attached to the matrix and the dream to PEACE and UNCONDITIONAL TRUST means I *rant* to myself a lot on the beach. I cajole, I soothe, I argue with the angels and the wind and god. I work it out. All of my raw, open heartbreaks, all of my failures and successes. My fears and my flights of pure FREEDOM.

I am sure that the term ‘domestic women’ is proof that I am the feral woman. Wild and free. Beautiful to watch. Impossible to Capture.  

I suppose that’s why it took me so long to come out of the Medical Intuitive Closet. There was no path paved out. I was always going to have to create my own. And one that would ignite a fierce fire in my heart and in humanity to create a destiny worth breathing into.

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