When you send it packing, pain becomes power.

On the subject of vibrant, sexy health 😋

I was reminded of a common subconscious block that really comes into play on the journey.

And that’s the other people in our lives.

We make hidden contracts with others all the time:

💢 I can’t be sexy and keep my relationship.

💢 If I lose weight my partner will feel insecure about themselves and we won’t be as close.

💢 My female friends will become jealous if I own my power.

It’s super important to acknowledge these fears and release them, or they WILL control you.

Under the pull to keep your relationships as they are and not rock the boat, it’s more than likely that willpower will slip up.

One extreme example is a client who had experienced an acid attack from her ex-partner and had burns on her arm as a result. Of course, she had deep fear and trauma around the issue of owning her feminine beauty and power.

And to get the life she wanted we had to release that pain and fear.

I’m telling you when you send it packing, pain becomes power. Your entire life changes because that energy is released from your system.

If freedom is calling you, PM me and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Sky 💗

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