With one LIVE I taught about 200 women how to do energetic body scans

I am so excited about how well our Body Whispering LIVE went down yesterday that I literally couldn’t sleep.  I am like a little girl that has had far too much candy, I literally ran around the garden, victory lap after victory lap with no shoes on, just so I could express all the joy and the gratitude I have for being a Medical Intuitive and the gifts that I was born with.

With one LIVE I taught about 200 women how to do energetic body scans and it was amazing feeling them remembering that their power is real, potent and very much needed in the world.

I have always been a strange mix of shy and confident. Sometimes I am so overcome by shyness that I can’t ask for what I want in a restaurant. Sometimes I literally hide in my bedroom when the doorbell rings before I remember I am 32 not 3 years old.

I was torn in half, part of me loving to be at the centre, valued, validated shining brightly. Part of me was terrified of that very things that I came here to do. The judgment I would face if I did them. Part of me didn’t want responsibility, and I was terrified of being responsible for others both financially as well as energetically.

I still absolutely wear my heart on my sleeve. I am far from perfect, but I am BRAVE.

In order to awaken other women to their spiritual gifts I first had to:

> Heal my persecution trauma from all the times I was hurt, hunted, tortured or killed for being powerful
> I had to heal my belief that power was the root of all evil if I was going to hold a space for my sisters to awaken and activate their powers
> I had to allow myself to be supported, so I had to destroy through my support wound
> I had to heal my worthiness wound, so I would allow myself to become worthy of good things, including support, coming first, having my dreams matter
> Finally I had to CHOOSE ME

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