‘Yes I’m worthy, but it just isn’t realistic.’

You might be thinking ‘Yes I’m worthy, but it just isn’t realistic.’

There are so many beliefs in the collective consciousness that goes against even the possibility of long-term health. What thoughts come up?
Illness is a part of getting older.
If I’ve been ill before I’ll become ill again.
What affects others will affect me
The statistics say serious illness is likely

Even marriage vows!…‘in sickness and in health.’

I’m here to change that expectation.

Messages of illness are everywhere in our culture, and not enough of wellness and health. It has got to the point where total wellness, the truth of your body, is considered a magical dream. A fantasy.

You must be a mythical god?…not far off.

If I have your curiosity and you want to learn how you are a spark of the divine and that perfect health is your birthright, drop me a PM and we’ll bust a few myths.

Your health will love you for it.


Sky 💛

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