What do you want this Christmas?

We get so many messages that unhealthy food is sexy, that it’s a sign of abundance.

It’s even described as rich and is literally expensive because it’s considered the best, especially around Christmas.

We get bombarded with messages for months about all the food we need to have a great time, so you’re into status-level territory too.

I am here to tell you that vibrant, sexy health is SO much more satisfying than approval. Those humble, side dish, nutrient-packed foods are God’s gift to you and are waiting to bring you to life. 🥬

If there’s ever been a time to ‘go green’ this is the year to do it – the environment is crying out for it and so is the mini microcosm that’s you.

What do you want this Christmas? The confidence of a new healthy glow and vibrant, sexy body or approval for status quo ‘luxury’.

Pop me a PM if you are feeling this, my team and I have some kickass options to start your journey.


Sky 💚

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