You are either in fear or in love

You are either in fear or in Love. There is no in-between

Judgment can really screw with your body. And not just your judgment, the judgments that you hear those you love making about others.

We often block our health because we want those we love to think of us in a certain way. So we stop being ourselves to get them to like us. To avoid judgment.

But you are NOT A LATTE. You are a human being. Even your closest friends and family will not like you all the time, or agree with everything you do. They are people not, sheeple. They have minds and free will of their own.

Put the Mc Judgment down and be yourself. Stay in your lane.

You have enough energy for your destiny or for your disease. You cannot have both.  Choose wisely.  

The Price is High. The Reward is Freedom.

You are either in fear or in Love. There is no in-between.

Are you brave enough to choose you?

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