You can energetically be weighed down by a broken heart

With weight loss, the nutritionist, doctor, or diet guru, will usually focus on your physical weight.

That’s what you want to get rid of right?

When I work with clients who want to achieve their ideal shape and shift a few pounds, often there are deep emotional shifts to be done.

You can energetically be weighed down by a broken heart, self-hatred, an abusive relationship or past failure.

And when you release these painful emotions you instantly feel lighter, and you literally ARE lighter.

You’ve got to be open and ready to feel the feelings and learn the lessons. But once you do, overeating and other addictive habits become neutralised. Then you’re free to choose worthiness and self-respect.

How much longer are you willing to carry the energies that don’t serve you?

If this is feeling true for you pop me a PM.


Sky 🧡

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