You can heal completely from within

🥵🥵 If you are dealing with chronic illness, irregular sleep patterns, or digestive issues, the treatment isn’t physical only.

We often assume that if something is wrong within our body, it’s because we haven’t been eating the right foods or taking the right supplements.

🆘 Although this could be part of the problem, it isn’t the sole factor of why your body is suddenly behaving this way.

There is emotional abuse involved. The toxic negative emotions that we have been harbouring within ourselves have the potential to disrupt our liver functioning and weaken our immune systems.

The liver is the seat of our solar plexus chakra, and it holds onto physical and emotional toxicity. So even though you fix your food, you still won’t be able to get rid of the issues without dealing with your emotions.

🙌  By analysing and dealing with your emotions, you can heal completely from within, spiritually release the toxins accumulated in your body, and reprogram your body.

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