You have to trust your gut. ⁠

You have to protect your body. ⁠

Nobody knows your body like you do. ⁠

Nobody has to live in it other than you. ⁠

You are the one who will live with the side effects of the decision you make. ⁠

Not your doctor, nurse, family. YOU 🙂 ⁠

YOU are the one who will LIVE or DIE by your decisions to SHOW UP for your health or NOT. ⁠

But you still feel like you don’t know what you are doing. You are still letting others make your decisions for you. You still stuck thinking every decision you make is the wrong one.  ⁠

That’s why I teach that Health is 90% mindset, 5% diet and 5% exercise.  ⁠

Your mind decides whether you feel worthy and capable not just of being healthy, but of making your own health decisions.  You are a grown up. Not a child. Don’t give your power away to others when you most need to trust yourself. You matter. You are important. You do know what is best for you. ⁠

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