You need to clear away the past life experiences

😳No matter what you might believe, past lives impact your current beliefs and health.

For me, when I asked my Creator to take me to the root cause of my fear of fertility and to conceive.

🤱I was transported to another lifetime where I was giving birth to my sister, and I passed away during childhood. And my mother had to raise my sister in this lifetime. And I refused to go into the light.

😡Why? Because I was angry. I was furious. I couldn’t forgive my Creator, and I couldn’t forgive myself because I had left my children behind motherless.

And that experience created a massive childhood block to me from getting pregnant. Because I didn’t want to leave my children and I never wanted to be this weak.

🧘‍♀️To move forward, you need to clear away the past life experiences, you need to clean negative energy at the level of the soul, which is the part of you that’s had different incarnations and gone through different experiences.

Because unless these negative emotions and experiences are removed, we can’t create positive beliefs around conceiving and pregnancy. And that’s what this programme is all about.

Join our Fierce Fertility programme to remove the emotional blocks to motherhood.

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