Your health is a reflection of your true divine self

✔Switch off your phones

✔Lock the doors

✔Remove any distraction around you

✔Close your eyes and take five long deep breaths

✔And feel the pink light coming from the ground and lighting up your feet, your knees, your base chakra, your sacral chakra, your solar plexus chakra, your heart chakra, and your whole body from head to toe

Can you feel it? Perfect ✨

Now, you are going to shoot into the sky and go past the blue, green, and golden light of the universe and reach the white light.

🤍And here you will realize that health is a reflection of your relationship with yourself

🤍Of your relationship with your true divine self

🤍And that your body is asking you to return to love and return to who you really are

And slowly let that divine white light dissolve into your gut to restore it to its powerful self

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You are incredible.😍

Love, Sky ❤

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