Healing my liver was key to my recovery from autoimmune disease

It all began when I was 10 years old, and one of the symptoms I kept getting were pains in my solar plexus. I asked the doctors again and again if it could be my liver.  ⁠

My blood tests came back normal, but eventually after I began having gut issues and IBS an ultrasound revealed that I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Talk about gut instinct!⁠

By that time I’d already decided to follow my intuition and discovered the liver flush technique in Andrea’s Moritz’s book and started doing regular flushes. ⁠

As my liver was detoxed healing my body got A LOT easier. ⁠

My sleep improved, which is key to physical and mental repair. I began having almost childhood-like energy, which felt so good as I normally felt exhausted most of the time. My metabolism improved and it was easier to maintain my weight. Exercise was easier…⁠

…everything was easier! ⁠

It wasn’t a one-stop shop instant cure all, but my god it was a big part of the pie.⁠

When your liver is clear all the body’s systems start to heal and regenerate faster. The results of self-care really start to show and you don’t have to work so damn hard. ⁠

I can’t wait to tell you other amazing Liver Flush success stories. ⁠

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