Your joy doesn’t come from unhealthy food.

“Does unhealthy food always have to be bad? If you really enjoy it, then is it okay occasionally as in following my joy, such as sushi.”

If we start thinking like, “oh, once a week won’t hurt my progress,”  and “Unhealthy food is following my joy” that’s where it starts falling apart.

Let’s say you eat unhealthy food once a week, totals it to 52 times a year, and when you multiply it to how long you will live, well, let’s just say that’s a huge number, and that’s a lot of unhealthy food harming your body, mental health and accelerating your ageing, inflammation and disease process.


If you PROGRAM your subconscious mind that unhealthy food brings you JOY, you are going to want to eat more of it because we are all hard-wired to go towards pleasure and away from pain.

It’s going to take a major attitude adjustment as well as a lifestyle one to make the paradigm shift.

But you are an advanced soul. YOU CAN DO THIS.

We need to start thinking of our actions and consequences because a single wrong decision impacts our whole life and jeopardizes our health.

Your joy doesn’t come from unhealthy food.
Your freedom doesn’t come from unhealthy food
It doesn’t come from sugar, sushi, or ice cream

Food cannot offer you comfort or joy. Only your emotions can do that. And you have a choice about what emotions you connect to what food.

💜💕 Joy comes from sharing moments with your family.

💜💕 Joy comes when you reward yourself.

Please don’t get sucked into occasionally having unhealthy food because it becomes a habit. it’d marketed that way

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