About Skylar Acamesis

Skylar has overcome autoimmune thyroid disease, sport injuries, leaky gut, allergies and chronic infections to become healthy, strong and vibrant again. This is at the same time as setting up two thriving 6 figure businesses and taking care of a husband and three stepchildren. So, She speaks from experience not just theory.  Skylar is not only a coach, but a Master Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Nutritionist and Exercise Goddess. She has worked with royalty, politicians, celebrities, millionaires and high performers from around the world

Skylar has been a master healer, medical intuitive and nutritionist for over a decade and is taking a stand.  90% of disease is caused by toxic stress and lifestyle choices which are completely reversible and preventable. Women are needlessly suffering and deserve so much better than that. We are worth it.

A respected international speaker, Skylar’s expertise in nutrition and metaphysics has led her to share the stage with Anna Kitney, Vanya Silverten, Jay Diamond, as well as many female thought-leaders. With a natural ability to break even the most complex of concepts into layman’s terms, Sky’s health messages embrace her unique four-pillared approach that unites nutrition, metaphysics and the biochemistry of the body with the power of the mind.

After many years of seeing clients, she came to the realisation that all women can feel much better than they currently do. In fact, good health is available to every single one of us – the starting point is Skylar’s ‘Miracles Over Medicine.’