This Container is PERFECT for you if you’re an entrepreneur (Coach, Reiki Healer, Somatic Therapist, Theta Healing Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Psychics, Spiritual Teacher.) who is ready to conceive or wants to release pain from fertility challenges.

Fierce fertility


This Container is PERFECT for you if you’re an entrepreneur (Coach, Reiki Healer, Somatic Therapist, Theta Healing Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Psychics, Spiritual Teacher.) who is ready to conceive or wants to release pain from fertility challenges.


I’m Skylar, your Master Medical Intuitive, Health Coach, and Nutritionist, and I’m fierce about helping you to harness your spiritual power to manifest fertility and a healthy full-term pregnancy.

Many of us are not aware of how our subconscious blocks to fertility. Both mental and energetic. And if we have struggled in this area our hearts and bodies feel broken beyond repair. But the truth is that divine light within you can deliver you from this struggle to success if you find the courage to listen to what you soul aches for.

You are here because it is your destiny, to work with your divine light and your body to create the fertility that is your birthright. You can work miracles. You just have to get out of the way and let creator take control. If there’s one thing god is known for its miracle babies.

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Thank you so much Skylar for the amazing last night webinar!!! Fertility was my issue and pain for many years. With my ex husband we decided to adopt two girls. I am proud for this decision, but yesterday I realized that there is still a trauma and fear to be mum. Thank you so much for the amazing powerful healing! I know now that I can be happy and balanced at the same time. This morning I felt a big difference and surprise for me, to feel really happy again, deep in my ❤️💜 heart! Much love and gratitude 🤩
- Mary
I watch the womb webminar yesterday and it all made SO much sense! In fact I even send it to a friend as a part of it I felt it applied to him! (A person without a womb). I felt huge transformations, penny droppings and awareness, both by the seminar itself and the Q&A. I strongly suggest you see it and take full advantage of it! Skylar is a laser truth seer, no BS, honest teacher and mentor, just by being in her energy I always feel I am healing and uplifting. This is SO worth your time, don’t miss out on it just because you don’t ”think it’s for you! or “your thing”. If a person without a womb can benefit from it, so can you!
- Anita
Skylar Acamesis, I got so much out of the Womb Whispering webinar. I truly felt with every cell in my body that this is the information I have been looking for (which is also why I signed up for the Fierce Fertility course). I have not ovulated or gotten a period for one year. Which has been devastating as someone newly married, ready to start a family, and previously healthy and active. I have been working through things on the physical level and have made really great progress. But this work is what I feel will bring everything together for me and part of what has been missing. During the workshop, I felt light uterine cramping, which was a welcome sensation. And the next evening I actually bled a little bit for the first time in exactly one year to the date. ❤ I want to thank you for putting this work out into the world, and I'm looking forward to continuing and deepening this journey.
- Alma
I have three young members of my family who could benefit from this modality, they all been married for over 10 years yearned for babies. I had a magical time last night. Thank you
- Joy
Dear Sky, I have experienced a huge womb disconnection after I had my baby and the womb workshop gave me not only the answers but the hope of connecting with my womb like I have never done in my life. I AM SO MUCH looking to it as I have been carrying some pretty hardship lessons of my grandmother and living with a curse since I was in my mothers womb. What you offer is not just Powerful, it is Phenomenal. I have been blessed to be a student of the best!!! 💓 ❤️ 💕 ❤️ 💕 ❤️
- Natalia
Looking forward to the Fierce fertility course. I know it will be a powerful and transformational journey. Last nights webinar already started to shift things and bring more blocks to my awareness. My headache was gone after the re-imprinting meditation and my perception about being a woman changed. Thank you Skylar Acamesis for creating this!
- Ana
Skylar thankyou so much for the fierce fertility webinar last night. I found it amazing even though I'm a grandmother & dont want anymore children! You helped me release the blockages to manifest a healthy strong womb & healing my prolapse . I Thank-you, God & the Angels . Amazing & very emotional , Just wonderful . xxx
- Lory


You are ready to breakthrough your subconscious and spiritual blocks to fertility

You are willing to change

You are ready to create the Pregnancy and Birth you really want

You are ready to heal your mother wound

You want to join the powerful vortex of loving and supportive women coming together to manifest miracle babies

You want to get your questions answered by a professional Nutritionist and Medical Intuitive every week.

How Are We Different?

We are different because WE CARE ABOUT YOU.

We are the Only Programme Unifying Spiritual Healing, Medical Intuition and Physical Detox In the Same sacred Container

You will be learning a technique you can use for the rest of your life

You will work through your fears of Fertility, Childbirth and Parenting

Fiercely shifting the fears of fertility, childbirth and parenting to manifest your deepest heart’s desire.

Benefits of the Program

Release Your Fear of Fertility

It’s time to rewrite your fertility story and fiercely claim your freedom to create to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting experience you desire.


Learn Body Whispering

The ability to communicate with your body is a great asset in boosting your fertility and changing your bio-chemistry.


Join The Powerful Health Vortex

Become a part of a loving community of fearless women who are facing their fertility with fierce courage. Women conceive faster when they are around other women and feel supported and loved. It’s the village effect.


Rebalance Your Hormones

Release your emotional struggles and free yourself from the mental and physical pressure, exhaustion by balancing your hormones with the right foods and Meditations.


Weekly Q&A in our What's App Group

You are unique and so is your beautiful body, environment and circumstances so these sessions are for me to TAKE of YOU.


Fertility Re-Imprinting Meditation

The Womb Sits Right Over the Sacral Chakra, the seat of our divine and personal creativity. You not only get a guided energy clearing to remove your subconscious blocks to fertility, you also get fertility Reimprinting Recording where you can create the fertility and the Unconditional Health You Deserve.

This online programme includes:

Pre-Recorded Videos

Pre-recorded Meditations

Weekly Q&A

1 x Guided Subconscious Blocks to Fertility Health Therapy Recording

1 x Fertility Re-imprinting Recording

Recipe Book

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6 monthly payments of £457.99

10 monthly payments of £275.00

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6 monthly payments of £457.99

10 monthly payments of £275.00



Our doors will open

Fierce Fertility


Starts March 11th 2024


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