Health for Her

Three Month Bespoke HEALING & COACHING Program

The holistic path to wellbeing for mind, body & soul

Health for Her

Three Month Bespoke HEALING & COACHING Program

The holistic path to wellbeing for mind, body & soul

Leading Visionary Women into Conscious Health

  • Are you a high performing woman who knows that vibrant health and energy is the key to making a powerful impact on the world and your businesses?
  • Are you ready to reconnect to the deep divine intelligence of your body and remember that you are the medicine you have been searching for?
  • Are wondering why you wake up tired and are unable to enjoy the beautiful life that you have created for yourself and your loved ones?
  • Are you looking for a personalised nutrition plan and assessment of your body’s needs that is as unique and beautiful as you are?
  • Are you tired of generic health plans that treat your body like a machine and don’t treat  it like the unique divine manifestation that it really is? 

Imagine you could...

Uncover the beliefs that are sabotaging your health and finally free yourself from them.

See and feel yourself awakening to perfect health as you release the body hate programmes from your cells. 

Walk away from the negative emotions keeping you in a toxic relationship with your body and step into creating thoughts which leave you feeling deep gratitude, love, and appreciation for your body on all levels.  

Feel healthy, abundant, pain free, and energized in your mind, body, and soul as you activate your body’s “I Am Health” codes to delete old draining patterns and experiences of sickness and struggle.   
Feel so good about yourself when you look in the mirror with a newfound sense of self belief and vibrant energy that ripples into your relationships, brand, and life

Become a health queen free from all fears of what others think about you taking the time to care for yourself and nurture that beautiful body and soul

Unlock unlimited health and strength that can skyrocket your state and life beyond your dreams

Heal your childhood wounds and truly love yourself to health

Feel supported in your journey with expert 1:1 therapy, mentoring, and coaching from Skylar


The four pillar approach to vibrant health

  • Releasing your subconscious blocks to health
  • Creating a bespoke movement and exercise plan
  • Diet and supplement plans unique to you and  your beautiful body
  • Getting you back to the vibrant strength and energy that you deserve.

An introduction to working with me

Feel supported in your journey with expert 1:1 therapy, mentoring and coaching from Skylar Acamesis

Subconscious mindset work, combined with conscious mindset work, strategic nutrition, and organic marketing skills, is the secret behind my own and my clients’ success. 

I will work with your subconscious mind to find deep energies and memories impacting on you today and free you from them. My 12 years expertise as a Master Healer, and my own knowledge and skill set from overcoming my own health challenges, and helping hundreds of people overcome theirs, will bring you the success you want.
This is an invitation to skip the 10,000 hours of investment it would take to achieve mastery and learn from someone who knows the path. Why not open yourself to some serious spiritual power, love and guidance to 10x your health and heal your body while skipping unnecessary struggle?

What this 12 week journey includes:

  • A deep Dive Nutritional and Energetic Assessment to uncover your biggest blocks to the strong, healthy and feminine body you deserve 
  • A mind blowing 6 Power Sessions where we will clear beliefs, energies, and habits blocking your health 
  • A Copy of my recipe book with delicious mouthwatering recipes that will make your loved ones feel loved and cared for and make you wonder why you waited so long to make this change.
  • A complete customised exercise plan, shopping list and meal plan.
  • A bespoke Health Transformation Recording to rewire old beliefs and unlock your full potential, uniquely made to transform your subconscious resistance beautifully and easily. 
  • Whatsapp Support 30 mins per week  personalised coaching, support.

Clients Love

Skylar is an earth angel sent to me by the Creator to help me on the road of health and life recovery. She came into my life when I needed her the most and the reason is Theta healing.

Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer (2019), which had spread to various places in my body. I suspected for a while that I had cancer but I was afraid of medical professionals. I was trying to do everything in my power to beat the disease by myself. I was juicing for almost a year, gave up alcohol, coffee and sugar (and many more things) but slowly I was getting worse. I knew something was missing; I was not dealing with the emotional aspect of my illness. This was when Skylar and Theta healing came into my life. The first time I met Skylar I felt a connection with her and I completely trusted her. When we had our first session I felt a calmness come over me and I even saw Skylar’s angels. I know lots of people think “ah, she is talking rubbish” …. I am a highly rational person but that day the Creator needed to guide me on the path of healing so I was shown Skylar’s angels.


Anyway, after my first session with Skylar my healing journey began. I decided that I would get conventional medical treatment but I would also use holistic methods including Theta Healing all the way through my cancer journey. Skylar fully supported me with my decision, which was a relief as my whole focus, the first time in my life, had to be me getting better. During the last year I visited Skylaron a regular basis and had healing sessions with her where I dealt with some major emotional traumas and she was so great holding space for me and healing me within. The more time I spent with her the lighter I felt. Throughout she was giving me tips on what to do during the 4 months of chemotherapy and afterwards. Even though I was going through one of the hardest years in my life I felt the support not just from Skylar in every possible way but I had opened up to receive support from family, friends, colleagues as well as my doctors. I was visualising, meditating all the way through the year and I started to feel happy, joyful and peaceful within. 

She keeps giving me tips, encouragement and love, which I could never repay in my whole life. I feel like she is not just my saviour but my mentor and friend. She is a beautiful soul who can help you the same way she has helped me and this does not have to be cancer, it can be any illness you need assistance with. She can guide you through any illness with the help of the Creator. 

 Suzie Kovacs


Susie found the root of her fear of health and created remission from stage 4 cancer, forgave her parents, quit her commercial job, and started her healing business helping other women overcome dis-ease.


Joanna was able to get rid of her allergies and play with her kids and walk in nature without having to take any pills!


Sammy healed her fear of childbirth and was able to become pregnant after 10 years of trying.


Nicole overcame her survivor’s guilt (her mother was ill throughout childhood) and learned to set strong boundaries, manifest the healthy loving relationship she had always wanted, and found the courage to start her family.


Joanna was able to get rid of her allergies and play with her kids and walk in nature without having to take any pills!


Roxanne overcame her Fibromyalgia, left an abusive relationship and was able to pay off her £20,000 when she overcame her fear of taking care of herself and stepped into her power.


Jane overcame her fear of doctors and boosted her self belief in her ability to regain her health. She was able to commit to changes in her diet and exercise and regain the strength she lost after an accident.



Sarah was able to heal her leaky gut, and finally get her social life back. She experienced a new level of inner peace and happiness she had never felt before leading to unlocking her health and her sexuality.


Kirstin overcame her visibility fears and hatred of her body (which manifested in eating dis-orders – something she had never been able to overcome with other coaches.

What value do you place on saving your health and your sanity, gorgeous?

When you work with me:

If you’re like most women, you have a treasure chest of health information. It is WAY more than you need, but it’s not converting into that beautiful, juicy body, and the vibrant energy and motivation you desire. Let’s be honest. If you were meant to do it on your own, you would have done it by now. It’s time to bank on yourself to give yourself and your body the investment it needs to truly THRIVE.

It’s not every coach that has overcome autoimmune thyroid disease, sports injuries, leaky gut, allergies, and chronic infections to become healthy, strong, and vibrant again. This is at the same time as setting up two thriving 6 figure businesses and taking care of a husband and three stepchildren.

This is an invitation to skip the 10,000 hours of investment it would take to achieve mastery and learn from someone who knows the path. Why not open yourself to some serious spiritual power, love and guidance to 10x your health and heal your body while skipping unnecessary struggle?

Here’s how I’m different from other coaches. I am not only a coach, but a Master Energy Healer, Psychic, Nutritionist and Exercise Goddess. I have worked with royalty, celebrities, millionaires and high performers from around the world. I will demand you fall in LOVE with your body. I will design the strategy that will cut your exercise hours in half, and give you delicious mouth-watering things to eat while making you more beautiful, strong and healthy. I will show you how to love the food that loves you back. So that you can become the light you are capable of being for the world.

I will laser in on your health story and help you realise that you are the power in your world and the medicine you are looking for. I will work with you to craft your vision and illuminate your why. You will come alive as you dance to the beat of your own body’s song. It’s time to be seen, shine and claim your health and feminine strength. 

RESULTS DISCLAIMER: The results stated above are results from personal and client results. Results are not typical and these examples are used for reference purposes only. Results will vary depending on (but not limited to) your background, experience, and commitment and stage of health and self care you are committed to.  

After many years of seeing clients, I have come to the realisation that all women can feel much better than we currently do. In fact, good health is availble to every single one of us – the starting point is my ‘Miracles Over Medicine.

10 Habits of Health Mastery