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I started my first meet-up, The Soul-Clearing Meet Up when I was twenty and had my spiritual awakening when I was 19, which in the eyes of at least the western spiritual community is a young age at which to debut. But alas the spiritual closet was just to damn small and smelt of mothballs…

For the past seven years or so, I’ve been constantly healing people, at the service of the soul force, advocating for and connecting them with infinite field of possibilities which is this magnificent  universe. I am a student of ‘A Course in Miracles, a spiritual teacher, life coach, workshop facilitator, channel and earth angel/guide. I have run readings, talks and healings an workshops for people non-stop in almost every situation imaginable; meeting rooms, living rooms, parks, bars, coffee houses, healing centres, yoga studios, pubs, clubs, street squares, private parties and festivals.

Every single one of these assignments taught me about the power of love and human vulnerability.

Mostly I learned a lot about loving.

Almost every human encounter boils down to the act, the art of connection, the act of love.

Loving is, in itself, the fundamental building block of all relationships. Consciously and usually indirectly, often wordlessly, we reach for each other – our bosses, our spouses, our teachers, our friends, our angels, our soul – in order to build and maintain relationships with one another.

Will you help me?

Can I trust you?

Am I going to get hurt?

Are you for real?

Is this safe?

Do angels and higher self really exist?

Can you ask them something for me?

How do you learn to do that?

Are you going to screw me over?

Are you sure I can trust this?

And so often, underneath it all, these questions originate in our basic human longing to know:

Do you love me?

We all want to live in a world where it is safe for us to love each other regardless of gender, age, class, religion, colour, creed, disability. After watching fear run roughshod over our families, organisations and communities I’d say the one thing we all have in common is we’re tired of being afraid. We’re tired of a spiritual conversation leading from who to blame, sin, punish and who is high vibrational and who is low vibrational. We want spiritual equality. We want to love greatly. We all want to be brave. We all want to be the light.

All my love, see you soon,


2 thoughts on “Skylar Acamesis – Energy Master”

  1. Jessica Boldt

    Oh, Skylar, this is profoundly timely and boundlessly beautiful. Thank you for your courage and faith – to Love!

    Loving – allways

  2. People need to meet you Sky…you are much more inppirational than just questions.

    Having met you, I was uplifted and inspired….and tat’s special

    Bless you for your time

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