money holds power over soulmate life

Money holds power over soulmate life

“I wanted to break the silence about the power money holds over soulmate life and show how we use money to express desires, struggle for status, and yearn for connection as well as for vengeance and justice. This chapter is packed full of energetic exercises and practical tips that will give you spiritual solutions to stop money from destroying your relationships. Everyone realizes that money has a huge influence in a relationship. Yet it’s still a huge taboo to talk about or admit that you want or need money from a soulmate.
This fearful attitude means that money is not a topic addressed directly and with love, so naturally this space has become inhabited by fear. The silence around soulmates and finances isn’t working, and finance is still the second biggest reason given for separation and destruction of relationships. Perhaps more because of what it reveals about a persons true loves and priorities more than the actual money itself. “
Soul Mate Shadow Work” – Sky Acamesis

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