Femininity is not weak. No way, no how!

Femininity is not weak. No way, no how!

This is one of those tricky, sticky beliefs.

When I client came to me about wanting to have more toned underarms, I knew that her block was that she had resistance to this desire.

In our minds, we know as women that we are strong.

However, the strength of softness that is femininity is not celebrated and valued in our culture. And ironically there’s also a belief that a woman with muscle cannot be soft, and beautiful too.

If that wasn’t enough we are taught to compete with one another, and our self-worth suffers as a result.

My client’s subconscious was saying I’m not feminine enough, so her goal of becoming more toned was a no-no.

More toned means more muscle. And muscle in our culture means masculine. So no way would she allow her goal to come true.

If you want to explore your beliefs around femininity and become the force you were born to be, drop me a PM.


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