Some people feel hungry all the time⁠

“I tend to eat because it’s time to eat, and also because otherwise, I never feel hungry.”⁠

There is no need to force your body to consume food when you are not hungry and just because it’s time to eat. Everyone’s metabolism is different, we perceive things differently, and our bodies react differently. To simply put, we are not at all the same.  ⁠

Some people never feel hunger⁠

Some people feel hungry all the time⁠

There is no good or bad. But what’s troubling is how we force our bodies to consume or not consume food when it’s telling us otherwise. ⁠

If your only reason for eating is because you think your body will lack energy, you are wrong. The process of eating actually takes away energy during digestion. It is one of the slowest ways to get energy. ⁠

Instead, turn to your surroundings. The air you breathe gives you energy. It’s spiritual science, and it’s healthy for your body. It gives your body the time to heal and repair. ⁠

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