There is a way out of this toxic cycle,

When we let our emotions get the better of us, when we let our shame, guilt, and fear decide what’s best for us and what we should eat, that’s when we enter the toxic cycle of emotional eating.

And toxic relationships when we are bonding to anything or anyone from a place of our shared woundedness, are never safe enough places for us to undertake a healing journey.

We let harmful food fill the void inside us because we are scared to face our emotions. We are scared to face our real feelings. So instead, we turn to food for comfort.

Because our negative emotions are telling us this food is the solution, it will help us feel better, so we do it because we want to avoid the voices inside us.

But food never helps. It never fills the void. Instead, it just brings you down. And then you feel guilty for eating the food that is harming your body in the first place.

It’s not your fault. But you can fight it.

There is a way out of this toxic cycle, and I will help you through it.

Join my hands in this journey, and I will help you combat the negative emotions and lead you to a healthier life.

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Every Day I am waking up to more beautiful ladies committing to putting themselves first.

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