Why punish yourself❓

Why go through the emotions of not feeling enough, being with the wrong person, feeling betrayed, or anything that is breaking your soul❓

Why make your body and base chakra go through that❓

Why punish yourself❓

So release that toxic energy and emotions and tell yourself that:

✔You are the right person

✔You are powerful, gorgeous, insanely gifted, and worthy

✔You are on a powerful mission, and the world needs you

And that this world that you were so keen on leaving a few moments ago is now the perfect curriculum for your spiritual evolution, growth, and awakening.

Just imagine all the obstacles in your path, consider them as illusions, and remove them from your journey

Because only you can make your path, you have free will, you have a choice, you are in control of your body, you have power, and you are perfect.

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You are incredible.😍

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