Would you like to be tired today?

It might feel triggering to read that.

If someone asked ‘Would you like to be tired today?’, you would say absolutely not!

You want to be full of juicy energy, so you can function in your life and enjoy every minute of it. Right?

Believe me, you make small and big choices every day that add up to the amount of health in your tank. Go through your day and think about what sparks HEALTH and what doesn’t, you’ll see how much control you actually have.

How much water you drink, the food you eat, people that you spend time with, the beliefs you carry – you have FULL say with every single one of them.

Being in your full sovereignty is a responsibility, it’s madly empowering and feels damn amazing.

Good Camelot or not-so-great Camelot. Your body is your kingdom and you make the rules!

I’ve made women’s health my life mission – if this stirred something in you and you want to take action send me a PM. Let’s get your power back!


Sky 💖

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