Do you want to learn how to connect to the body?

Our kidneys are the throne our adrenal glands sit on.

Adrenal glands are where we create hormones, for both stress and reproduction.

Cortisol is what makes us wake up in the morning, and it’s also what tells us to RUN. STAND AND FIGHT. HIDE.

Often when I am working to release emotions from the other organs in the body, the energy will move from the organ in question to the kidneys, and this tells me that the person is still afraid. That their beautiful body still thinks this trauma is happening. In other words that whatever they went through has become a kind of biometric PTSD.

Fury. Ice-cold rage. Deep fear. It is what is so very hard to admit to ourselves because it means a person or experience got past our defenses and we are wounded.

Sometimes we have to heal the kidneys. Deeply before we can honestly know how we feel or what we really feel.

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