Good teachers empower their students

Good teachers empower their students.⁠

Great teachers LOVE their students.⁠

In the presence of deep, kind, radical, honest unconditional love, you become who you are. Your gifts awaken. ⁠

Many of my students have gone on to become powerful spiritual teachers themselves.⁠

Others have become powerful lights in the business, health, beauty and investment industries. ⁠

Like a seed in the presence of sunlight a student in the presence of love will blossom and bear fruit 💖⁠

Don’t you think it’s time that you chose teachers that love you back? ⁠

Don’t you think you deserve to learn from the best?⁠

From someone who knows you can do it, even when you’ve forgotten? ⁠

By someone who remembers who you are when you forget?

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