Heal your body and mind and release weight spiritually

Have you ever felt selfish when doing something just for yourself? Have you ever felt physically and mentally incapable of moving ahead with your weight loss journey because you can’t rebel against authority? Have you ever felt you are not worthy of being beautiful, healthy, and sexy?


These are the things that have been deeply hardwired in you since you were a child. Finish everything on your plate. Don’t waste food. Don’t be ungrateful.

Often we associate good behaviour with something that is harming our body, and we continue to do it despite knowing it’s not healthy. Similarly, forcing yourself to consume food even though your body is not hungry is wrong. It’s unhealthy. But there is a way you can break this cycle.

Join my Weight Loss from Within, a 3-month container course, to heal your body and mind and release weight spiritually. The program has started but you can join NOW and still get focused on ending emotional eating. Click on the link below to join us and many others fighting the same battles as you.

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