It’s what you feed your soul that counts.

Chocolate isn’t addictive.
Alcohol isn’t addictive.
Caffeine isn’t addictive.
Wheat isn’t addictive.

Trauma is the cause of addictions.

Neglect, Emotional Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence. Isolation, Beauty standards Racism, Sexism, Privilege, War, Famine and Pandemics.

That’s why I don’t focus just on what you feed your body.

It’s what you feed your soul that counts.

If you want to end your emotional eating you have to change how you feel.

Changing how you think just isn’t going to be enough. You already know what you need to do.

But you won’t do it unless you feel like it.

I have created an incredible 3 Month container for helping you change your body from the inside out.

We are starting in January. If you are interested in knowing more PM me.

Lots of Love,


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