Theta Healing & Clearing Money Blocks: Part 1

The context of removing blocks to abundance, I have been struck over and over again by the sheer contortions of money that exists in virtually every person’s heart and mind.  Because the area is so convoluted and often over complicated, I find it very useful to go back to Theta Healing basics and treat money like I would a snake phobia.

I like to start by finding or borrowing a bank note of a reasonably large variety and place it on my lap of a table in front of me.  What springs to mind? What feelings fill your body when you look at it? When do you first remember feeling this way?  When I work with the procedure for myself and my clients, I was most interested in the most common bottom beliefs:

  • I don’t believe it’s mine
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I wouldn’t know what to do with it
  • There’s no point getting attached someone ( taxman, family, illness, debt collector) will just come along and take it anyhow
  • I’ll just lose it
  • I’d only be taking it from someone who needs it more
  • It should be illegal to have that kind of money
  • I can’t be trusted with money also muscle test for responsibility

This becomes even more pronounced if I pick up the note, hold it out to the person and say  “Here you go, this is yours.” Not a single one of my clients and even I could at first take the note without feeling seriously bad for a whole load of complicated reasons for which belief work is required. Then  you hand them the bank note and get them to turn round to you and say ” This is for you.” This bring up all of their beliefs and issues related to giving money, paying others and having money to give. This brings up not only the pain of accepting large amounts of money but also the pain of letting go.

The format was just to  keep digging and muscle testing each round by bringing out the bank note again  until there was no negative response, and then downloading creators truth about money, the situations/memories that arose and new feelings about money, until the person can receive the note readily, even with a smile and pleasure in most cases.

If you are intending on doing Theta Healing Work by yourself or with clients, use the following as “triggers” like you would a snake or dog when working with a phobia.

  • Single Banknotes
  • A Pile of Notes ( this brings very interesting issues)
  • A single large coin ( childhood issues)
  • A pile of coins ( brings out childhood memories related to saving)

Piles of notes often bring up issues around the criminal use of money, this may have been in the family in the form just as poaching, gambling, smuggling or other kinds of trafficking. It may sadly also bring up blocks created by prostitution, dowries in marriage and blood money ( money paid to assassins or mercenaries the wealthier the family line the more likely this pattern will be there).  Many people will have contracts not to reveal their financial secrets because there was illegal financial activity in the home, at work or with friends. This many also bring up past life beliefs, vows of powerty, and times of war where money was gathered and sent to one side or another during conflict. This is a lot more common than we might think so keep an open mind that this may also be ancestral or in a person’s past/future/parallel lives.  ( Healing negative feelings around criminal use of money does not turn someone into a criminal, on the contrary, it can actually irradicate the compulsion to get involved in any criminal or dangerous activity as it disengages the emotion of excitement from the illegal behavior, and opens other avenues of legal wealth creation.)

Then you can go on to clear other money related aspects by usig some of the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Payslips
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Share certificates, land certificates,  wills, work contracts, wage slips or any other paper representation of money that features largely in an individuals life. ( brings up family money issues and company money issues)
  • Bills and Invoices ( Especially of the red variety)

Then you look at money habits. Money Constipation ( where you earn but can’t share, support, use of investing your money) is just the same as, money Diarrhea ( where you can’t stop spending regardless, Money Anorexia ( Where you can neither earn nor spend) or Money Bulimia ( where you can earn but spend immediately and there is no visible profit at the end of the day). And do the digging work around those.

Lastly but not least there is also ‘potential money’ such lottery tickets, gambling slips, scratch cards, prizes, gifts, grants, scholarships, and awards.  Entwined in these you will find issues around luck, deservability, and most interestingly of all, a bottom belief ‘ that this is my ONLY HOPE or LAST CHANCE of getting wealth or abundance.

You might think this is a lot of digging but you don’t have to fret!

It only looks that way because of relevant money triggers that in reality cover a whole host of real people and all their combined problems.  Only some of the triggers reveal the bottom beliefs to a person’s overall money problems, and when those bottom beliefs have been delt with, it’s not necessary to do all of the other ones.

Lots of Love


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