To be available for your life-purpose you will have to be unavailable to dream-stealers

My clairvoyance span is from conception up to the present body and into the future bodies. Every individual‘s energy body contains a golden When my mentor asked me to teach in her school I was just 27 years old. Voice trembling I told her ‘I wasn’t ready.’

She gave me a loving but firm no bullshit glance. ‘If you go and do the teacher’s training, you have a job when you get back. I’ll give you 24 hrs to consider it. Then I’ll offer it to someone else.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a choice, being swept away. I hear to sound of my own voice, asking her to stay.

I look at her grinning. ‘I’m IN.’

She threw me a mischievous smile and said. ‘Great ;)’

When she left I broke out into a cold sweat. The thrill had worn off and my fear fairy came out. I would have to find a cold hard £6,000 to do the teacher’s training. I didn’t have that kind of money back then. I was still making about £800 a month.

I looked up at the ceiling. Let out some grumpy swear words and send grudgingly to God. Fine! Fuck it! I’M IN. I said YES, didn’t I? You want me to Do This? MAKE A WAY.

Let just say the rest is history but I became the youngest spiritual healer in her school without having to go into debt.  

In order to show up for my divine life purpose and or the abundance the universe was raining down on me, I had to set boundaries. I had to stop showing up for people and opportunities that were not showing up for me.  I had to set boundaries both financial and emotional. And I had to hold them when they were challenged.  

In order to be available for the health you are looking for, you will have to be unavailable to the things that were making you sick. In order to become available for your divine life purpose you will have to become unavailable to dream stealers. And you are going to have to choose to surround yourself with other people who are becoming what you want to become.

Love, Skylar Acamesis
Master Medical Intuitive and Theta Healing Instructor

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