Do you have an overloaded liver?

🤢 Do you feel like you are always tired?
Are you not getting proper sleep?
Do you feel physically and emotionally weak?

If you said yes to all of them, then you have an overloaded liver.

An overloaded liver has the power to disrupt your body’s normal functioning, make you feel irritable, and weaken your immune system.

😔 The disruption and imbalance of hormones impact you spiritually and emotionally, making you feel vulnerable, ugly, and worthless.

But, by sharing your struggles with a professional healer and learning what you can do to remove the toxins from your body, you can return to your old-healthy self.

I am Skylar, a Master Healer, Medical Intuitive, and Nutritionist. I know what your body needs to heal from within, release toxic emotions, and clean your liver to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Because I can track, interpret, and heal your energy.

I can help you optimise your sleep, look and feel younger, balance the sugar level, and gain a positive perspective towards health 😍

Join Lovely Liver Flush
a 2-weeks retreat online programme
STARTS 4th – 16th APRIL

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