Every cell in your body sings

Your body is light. A beautiful vibrating symphony of light. Every cell in your body sings. Weight on the body is always the first weight on the consciousness. And nothing weights more heavily on the mind than the times that we have hurt those we love.

I am so proud of this beautiful being for allowing herself to experience the lightness of her bodies being and forgiving herself for the times she has hurt others.

Readiness is the biggest pre-requisite of miracles. When you are ready your teacher appears *hint, hint*

The women who work with me in my Manifesting Health containers don’t just get better, that’s the tip of the iceberg. True health is manifest in all areas of our lives as we allow ourselves to become who we truly are.

Every woman that heals her body and steps into her beauty lightness and strength is giving other women permission to step into their power too. #yesqueen!

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